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2001-07-09 18:46:16 (UTC)

god help

ok i seriously dont know why my life sucks! ok i think i
have some bad luck or something. yea i think it is that cuz
you know i was born on friday the 13th so maybe that has
something to do with all the bad luck i have in my life!
well my mom finally says i can see chris ok good i ask my
dad if i can see him he says ok but one thing my sister
calls me just now and says she is coming here. what kind of
bullshit is this. i mean like i cant talk to him about our
problems and our situation alone ever! and it sucks. i have
no privacy with him or time alone. now that i need to see
him and now that i need to talk to him i could see him but
my fat ass sister has to come along! im soo heated now
dammit. i am going crazy. i know for a fact he is going to
be pissed. i am pissed. but god please let me spend time
with him alone with out no one being there, i seriously
need to spend as much time with him. cuz thats how we were
sperating by not being together. i hope my mom trusts my
enough and its just annoying that i have a sister to put
up with. but i hope everything works out.