Cbay tales, blokes and my mates
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2001-01-11 08:42:05 (UTC)

Hey, Well not alot happened..


Well not alot happened since yesterday. I'm pooing myself
for the exam I have tomorrow!!! AGHHH! At least if I fail I
can always re-take it in the summer.

I forgot to say how my sister recorded over the tape of
love songs Chris gave me ages ago. I couldn't believe it I

I spent ages on the phone last night, not unusal for me,
but it's never usually 3 people in a row! I spoke to Sarah,
Dan and Chris, but this time I made sure Chris didn't hear
me on the phone to Dan. He had a benny last time and got
all moody. It's only coz he knows Dan likes me and that my
and Dan got on a little too well in the summer.

OH!!! I got my new sax yesterday! It's red and VERY
GROOVY!! I was playing it for ages! I love it, but now I
have to share my very little practice time between both my
saxes! But as people keep reminding me, this is my career!

I can't wait for my demo to be finished! I recorded some of
it in the hols, but my mate needs to finish it! I can't
wait although it may not be as good as I hope...

Oh well, back to the daily fun...