the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2001-07-09 18:31:26 (UTC)

1-800-Pine Box




yeah i know right can u actually believe i saw that on a
bill board in Huston .. i mean it .. how insensative .. no
one has any respect for death anymore .. well that is what
it seems like to me .. I mean i have a friend who is a
mortiation and so is his whole family and it is odd how
like soe poeple treat the daed .. he was telling me the
other day that he had this funneral for this old guy who
had been cheating on his wife and the g/f found out about
the wife and went up to his grave and procceded to pounch
him and spit at him .. I mean really now .. i know he was a
spine less jelly fish but he was dead .. i just thought
that was not cool .. but ne ways .. okay that Levi guy is
kinda odd I mean he is all i love u .. and i still am like
kinda blank when he says that .. i dunno its odd.. oh yeah
so like I love that movie * Save the LAst Dance * .. it is
an awsome movie :)
for real :p
but ne ways ya know i really don't have much to say so i am
gonna go but w/e
lates ~*McCall*~