Me and More
2002-08-07 04:18:47 (UTC)

Good mood for a change! :-)

Dear Diary,

I'm in such a good mood now. Michelle called me and we
talked for two and half hours. It was such fun. Man I miss
her. I can't wait till I go up there this X-mas. I'll be
going up there a few days before X-mas and then stay a few
days after New years. It'll be great!

I was so sad to hear that their iguana died today. I'm
sorry turtle. I hope you feel better soon! :-) Hugs!

So yeah I just had to type that I got to talk to my very
bestest friend again! Yay! lol. Ok peeps I'm out. HI
MICHELLE!!!!! Talk to you again soon. MISS YA!!!!!!!