2002-08-07 03:10:10 (UTC)

Tru Luv Does Wait!

I had an entry the other day in which I wanted, 'do the dirty deed' with one of my best friends,
Marcus. I was going on about how I wanted to share
something special with him since I don't intend on
marrying him and all, ya know? And I asked for advice.

Well, this girl was nice enough to actually respond to
my diary and I felt as if God had sent her to repond. I
dunno. It's just that she came at the right time and what
she said made sense.

She told me that I should just wait, and that if Marcus
really cared about my beliefs, he would wait too. She said
that I should think of other special things I could share
with Marcus. Sex is just too big of a risk, and it should
only be something shared between people who really do love
each other unconditionally.

I fully agree. Ya see, when I say I love Marcus, I'm
not talking about all that 'self-sacrifice' do-wah! I mean
I love him as a friend. But I'm going to wait for someone
who I'll love as a soulmate. And that's the only man I
will ever give myself to.

God bless ya'll, and thanks sarah!