Fallen from grace

One day at a time...
2001-07-09 16:41:31 (UTC)

starts tomorrow

Well, the fair starts tomorrow. For 4-H people anyway. I
finished my meringue this morning, so all I have to do
tomorrow is make my pasta primavera and I'm set! Oh
shoot...I still have to memorize my nutritional values.
Crap. That's never fun. Oh well.
I should probably start getting ready to go to Cali's cuz I
have no idea as to when they're gonna pick me up cuz the
invitation says between 3-4, but Jamie says 1-2. I'll be
ready at about 1:30 just in case. This pudding is good!
Hehe...it's out of a Lunchable thing. I haven't had one of
these since school let out. I should probably get going
now. Buh bye.