a little piece of me
2002-08-07 01:29:12 (UTC)

big sigh

so wow, it's been a while since i've been able to get on
this thing. shit. i only have a few minutes left on
here. i'm going to go call heather. god i miss her. i
just got done talking to tabitha. i missed her too. i'm
actually speaking (civilly might i add) to brett. kinda
scary eh? hehe. not really i guess.

so i finally got my own appartment. well, mine and turtles
and muj, shink, jua, qwigy, mordrid and morgan's. zilla
died today. it was so very sad. turtle called me while i
was at work crying. he loved that little lizard so much.
broke my heart. i hate it when he cries...not that he does
it much, but it kills me. poor guy. i wish i could have
been here for him.

well, it's almost time to go. just have to add that
everyone needs to go see 'signs'. very good movie. more
than meets the eye. take care. i'll be back soon!