2001-07-09 16:18:45 (UTC)

i like her a lot. mm hmm.....

i like her a lot.
mm hmm...
and im beginning to realize it i think.
i mean.
it takes me awhile sometimes...
=) heh.
but yeah. i like her a lot. and she makes me so happy. and
i think that were good for each other. i think. but my life
is always so crazy and i dont know if i want to make her
apart of it. because my life is like complete up and downs.
and i just want her to be up. and i want her to be happy.
you know...i dont know. i love her. this much is certain. i
honestly do. and i think im fucking getting attached. and
its a scary but nice feeling...i dont know. you know. you
have power over me now hun...i mean. i dont know. you know
what i mean. and its a very old feeling brought back to
life. in a different way, i think. but im happy and i guess
thats all that matters for right now. as long as she is
too. =) and i hope that she is. its going to rain and i
have to drive to work and that sucks. cuz i work far away.
anyway, okay. =)