One Fucked Up World
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2002-08-06 23:43:25 (UTC)

Grounded Life Sucks!

Well.. I don't know if I remembered to fill you in but I
have been grounded for the last 3 weeks, cause of a E 4th
quarter in Math. Yea it and it sux. But myparents let me
have people every once in awhile. Well they wet out on
saturday night they knew i was having my friends chrissy
andcassie over. Well... these guys Andy and Jaso showed up!
I didn't know they were coming... but the left after 15
minutes and nothing happened. That was just random. Yea
this guy naed alex who is ver popular, a jock, star
football player. Yea he supposeby likes me but i am not
very popular, notvery pretty. I am confused. I odn't know
if he just wants play or if he really likes me! HELP!!!
Thanx I will keep u up dated on my life!


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