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2002-08-06 23:30:32 (UTC)


Traffic! I hate it!! And, I was stuck in it for a little
longer than I was comfortable with today. The weather
didn't help. Just when I was getting quite accustomed to
being alone, my sister decides that she wants to visit
tonight...and stay the night. I'm not impressed with
that. I'm just not in the mood.

Today at work wasn't too bad. I'm just stressed about
school about to start...I have so many responsibilities
that I have to take care of before classes start.

This morning, after drinking wine with some girl friends of
mine last night, I just imagined what it would be like if I
actually had gay friends. I don't the stereotypical gay
guys...the ones I know are so irresponsible. But it would
be nice to be friends with people that I could relate to
better. That's a new frustration of mine. However, in
order to have that sort of friendship with people, that
would mean that people would actually have to know I'm
gay. It always comes down to that. I just can't decide
what's best for me right now.

"What is it about gay men that terrifies the rest of the

--Chasing Amy

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