No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-08-06 22:40:22 (UTC)

grrr grr grr...oh and did I mention... grr?

No, I am not a freaking happy camper. For all of you who
don't know, I have a kitten in my room. Well, I went to
clean her litter box and vacuum my room. I had a vacuum,
cat liter and bags in my hand. I dropped the little and
like 5 pieces fell out of the bag and my mom bitched. Of
course, when doesn't she? Well, I told her I would get the
broom and clean it up when I was done. She doesn't like it
when I use this one vacuum with cat litter. So, I finished
and put everything away and she bitched at me
"I thought I told you to clean that cat litter up"-mom
"Yeah, I am going to get the broom and do it because you
bitch at me everytime I use this vacuum with cat litter"-me
"You're grounded!"-mom
"why? I told you I was getting the broom to clean it"-me
"ok" -mom
*I cleaned it up..all of 5 pieces! OH MY GOSH SO MUCH! lol*
"I shouldn't be grounded for doing what I am told for once"-
"I told you I was cleaning it up"-me
"you're attitude sucks, you acted like you didn't care it
was there, but it bothers you if your cat gets it all over
your room"-mom
"If i didn't care would I be cleaning?"-me
"'re attitude sucks"-mom
"*under breaht* fuck you"-me
I HATE HER! I dont hate her she just makes me mad
SCHOOL SUX! I have to go back tomorrow. Just walking the
halls yesterday for orientation made me realize how much I
hate that jail...I mean school. I love my friends, I really
do. I love seeing them everyday. The only thing is I hate
the stupid people and their problems. Yes, I have stupid
problems too. Dont we all? But I hate the fights and all
the dumb crap. I hate learning too. *sigh* this sucks.
I'm going to stop bitching now...i'm just in a bad mood. I
guess....grrr....its amazing! I'm getting better about my
dating habits. I'm still single :D I'm proud of myself...I
know it doesn't sound like much but for me its a good
thing. :D But, I wouldnt mind a boyfriend....if I liked the
person of course.