I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-08-06 20:42:34 (UTC)

Just another day.....

Watched Brandyn yesterday. He has never been such a pain
in the ass before. Honestly, it was so frustrating. I love
kids, and want kids, but not right now. Plus he has road
rage!! I couldn't believe it. He was yelling at the top of
my lungs to the other cars around us telling them to go
faster. So weird.

Nothing else new. Emailed the museum director my
references today. We shall see. Have my math final
tomorrow, and my myth final on thursday. Need to study

If I don't get the museum job, I'll go back to full time
status at the temp agency.

Watched a movie today. Got so frustrated with one of the
characters that I had to turn it off. Couldn't watch the
whole thing. It was called Made. Vince Vaughn's character
made me want to kill him. So obnoxious.

I need dental floss.

This is just very random stuff today.

So, I think I'm out of things to discuss, but I'll
entertain all questions. Leave me a note! That'll make my

Gotta water the plants

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