the ups and downs of my life
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2002-08-06 20:36:05 (UTC)

too much stuff to write

well i have been really busy lately....

two saturdays the vaca with my dad started. we leaned
and i had casi spend the night. it was fun. we went to
the casi camp and went tubing and i tried to go sking but
i couldnt do it. chris broke the tube so i dint even get
to go. i was mad.

on wed we went to knoebles. it was so much fun. we went
oin the rollercoasters and ion one of them jeremy lost his
glasses. we did find them at the end of the day and they
were all bended around and one lense fell out. so he went
to the eyedocters to get a new pair since he was gonna get
one anyway.

the next day we went to this game farm. its like a zoo but
way cooler. there were lions, giraffees, flamingos, tiny
horses, zebras and some other cool stuff. there was also a
show with lil dogs that did handstands and walked on the
tight rope. then we went home but we wanted to take a
different route and ended up missing a turn. we didnt
relize it for a while and on the road we werent suppose to
take we saw a hiking trail and we went hinking. it was
about 8 30 when we left there and we also found a mini
golfing place and me casi jeremy and kaylee played. it was
fun. we didnt get home till about 12 again. actually all
that week i went to bed at around 12 and got up between
830 and 9. wow im so tired.

then on saturday i went to the reception. i htought it was
going to be boring but it actually wasnt. i hanged with
ash and jen and sometimes jerermy adam and hailey. haliey
is like 2. we went in the river. we got there at about 12
and we didnt leave till 9. thats late. i mean i thought we
were only going to stay for 2 hours at the most b/c we
were suppose to go to the speidie fest *(ash and jen did
go without me) but actually i wasnt bored once. it was
fun. hailey was so cute. she was really shy at first and
wouldnt talk but then she started too.

well on sunday we all went up at about 9 to see isa and
maryanne and everyone else before they left. i ended up
spending the nioght with ash and we went to the spiede
fest. my mom called later that night and was really mad.
b/c i went with no adults. i live a very sheltered life.
its so sad. i had so much fun there...well most of the
time. i was probably bored for like two hours and we were
there for 5. we checked out all the cute guys....therre
were quite a few....i swear i have a thing for ppl named
joe. or the letter j in general. then that night i talked
to ashs ex dustin on the phone he is nice but is really
mean to ash.