Punk Rock Princess

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2002-08-06 20:23:40 (UTC)

Warped Tour 2002

Oh my god was Warped Tour amazing! Heh. Me and Jeff went
alone even though his friend Charlie was going to go. He
decided to spend time with his mom instead. BUMP THAT! We
left around 11 am or so and by the time we actually got
there it was like 2 pm! It was located on the other side of
town and it was backed up for a few hours. Well
TRUSTCompany was playing right when we got there and I
totally freaked and watched them for a couple minutes
because they were almost done playing. ;( They were the
ones I wanted to see the most. But anyway, I saw TONS of
people I know. It was so cool. People I haven't seen in
ages and people I just saw a couple nights ago
skateboarding. Heh. Well, it was so hot outside so for the
first couple hours I was whining because I wanted suntan
lotion but no one had any. We finally found this guy that
was selling marijuana shirts, jewerly, etc and he let us
hjave some of his.. for 5 bucks. Hmph. Well I didn't get
burnt but Jeff did because he wanted to get sun "like a
man". Heh. Men. ::Shakes her head.:: Well I saw Bad
Religion, Flogging Molly, Good Charlotte, Guttermouth, Hot
Water Music, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, MxPx, NOFX, New Found
Glory, No Use For A Name, Something Corporate, Reel Big
Fish, Thursday, and TRUSTCompany perform. MxPx = wildest
show [huge moshpits, alot of people crowd surfing, overall
the most dangerous! lol] New Found Glory = my personal
favorite show. It was so great. They played every song I
loved. Well other than the firm kick in the head during the
MxPx show, the hot blazing sun, and the mile run back to
the car before the crowd got out before we did at the end
of the shows, it was great. I will never forget it and I am
so happy I spent it with Jeff. ;]