The End
2001-07-09 14:23:13 (UTC)

letting go

If you love someone set them free...the saying goes. It is
so true. It not only applies to lovers but family and
friends as well. It's also quite possibly the hardest thing
you will ever have to do.

As it pertains to lovers...well that's easy because if you
truly love someone their happiness whether it's with you or
someone else would be your utmost concern.

I find though that when it comes to friends and doing what
is best for them it is a little harder. I have this weird
need to try to fix everything even though I know it's not
possible to fix everything. So when it comes time to let
that friend go so that they can figure things out for
themselves I find it hard because I want to help. Yes it is
selfishly motivated, my desire not to let them go that is. I
don't want to lose that friend which may or may not happen.

Alas, friends come and go in our lives. They touch us
deeply, we love and cherish them and hopefully we are a
little better for having known them.

So why am I blathering on about this? Because I had to let a
friend go so that she may learn to stand on her own. And I
find myself distraught over it. Second guessing myself, I
wonder if I have done the right thing and it is tearing me
up inside. Also it is a change that will snowball and have a
far greater impact on a lot of people, not just me and since
I don't have a crystal ball, I can't know if it will be for
the better or the worse.

This sucks.