My Life!!!
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2002-08-06 19:05:32 (UTC)

I have a problem!!

Ok....well i have a friend named Angie and well....we are
Best Friends...i love this girl..she is like my sister!!!
We have just soooooo much in common...i dont trust alot of
people but when i meet her, just something about her made
me change (for the better)!! Well this is my problem:
When we used to talk on the phone before we used to talk
about EVERYTHING!!! We just always cracked jokes and it
was the best!! Well Angie is like best friends with this
gurl named Brenda...i mean i like Brenda alot (dont get me
wrong)...she is an amazing person (i love her too)!! But
ever since Angie started hanging around Brenda more often
thats all Angie ever talks about!! Brenda this, Brenda
that!!! Its not a jealous thing!! Because im not
jealous...im very happy that she is hanging around Brenda
more!! I know that they are good good friends!! But
constantly...thats all she ever talks about!! It BUGS the
HELL out of ME!!! Like the other day i called her and all
she was talking about was what her and Brenda did!!! Then
i was like "ohh well maybe all 3 of us can go to Chuck *E*
Cheeses and then after to Brendas house to watch movies or
something....and guess what the FUCK they did the FUCKEN
next day!!! YUP...thats right....to all the places i said
to go....and they didnt even invite...how fucked up is
that!! Ok..and then another time....i called Angie and we
were just talking and all she could talk about was
Brenda!! "i wanna see Brenda"..."i wanna watch a
movie...let me call brenda and tell her which one i should
watch"!! WTF is that about..OHH...and that day..i hear her
dialing a phone and guess who the FUCK she is
calling!!!...YUP thats right BRENDA!! Im on the Fucken
phone with her talking to her and there she is calling
brenda....OK..now how disrespectful is that??!!! That just
hurt me right there!! And yesterday she calls me and was
like "Finally the phones not busy WE have been callin
forever"!!! (and just to let u know i was only on the
phone for 2 hours that whole day)!!! Anyways then she
said " We just wanted to call to see if there are any good
sights that are funny" and so of course i told her some and
she goes "well its a little too late now we are off the PC
now" and then i hear Brenda in the background and i tell
angie to tell Brenda that i say HI and angie was like
NO...ur not here so FUCK YOU!!! And when she told me
that..i just got pissed off. then she was like...i g2g...so
i said ok and just hung up!! What the fuck is her problem
now....it hurts me soooooooooooooooooooo fucken much!!!! I
dont know what i would do with out angie in my life!!! She
has always been there for me...i dont know what to do...i
know i should talk to her....but....im not that kind of
person. I like to please ppl....*sigh*...if u got any
adive...i would really really appreciate it..PLEASE!!!
i g2g....Byes!!

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