my life (beware)!!!!!
2002-08-06 18:05:29 (UTC)


This Monday I just got back from camping and well it was
pretty cool im mean i about 5 girls there and i got there
sn"s but i also got my 2 new friends dan and his brother
andrew. Andrew is pretty cool and i think i got to hang
with him and i kept craking jokes about when ever cars
would pass me i would say hey that was my foot or hey thats
a little to close and would u turn your headlights off your
blinding me. I met 4 adorible childs and i adopted two kid
one is three and his name is sean and the other is 7 and
her name is jess. i got to swim with sean and i rode on the
fire truk with him he is so cute. The girl I met at ther
beach were so hot and their names are Trisha, Jen ,Rachel
Lauren :-P. So i got to go and when i get the pics i'll
paste them so kisses luv you bye

(Chicken terriaki,potroast!roastbeef on a sunday
morning HaHahaha good times good times) lol