point of a distorted view
2002-08-06 17:42:12 (UTC)


first lemme say:
hi brian
hi jessy
hi brendt

okay then...squee

today i got nail polish in my eye
it was silver
you don't know pain until you've gotten avon mirror shine:
foil in your eye

songs of the day:
smells like teen spirit-nirvana
dead leaves on the dirty ground-the white stripes
fell in love with the girl-the white stripes
sex and candy-marcy playground
worst enemy-lit
how's it gonna be-third ey blind

I taped them all off the radio last night

the most wonderful song right now:

bat your eyes girl
be otherworldly
count your blessings
seduce a stranger
what's so wrong with
being happy?
kudos to those who
see through sickness
-incubus, warning

once again: hi brian!

message to brian:
Hi brian! It's so cute that you like Allie! Squee! We
are all stupid and we rock! we are cooler than your evil
canadian spy neighbors (from indiana)! Down with rap! up
with canibalism!

To jessy: we have to go to the cemetary I need to get that

To brendt: Umm...i don't know what to say...you're gonna
be famous someday and SAVE THE WORLD

see ya all later

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