Four Rooms
2002-08-06 15:46:50 (UTC)

This weeks schedule.

Ok, well Sunday's schedule didn't go over so well, because
me computer was shitting itself. I backed up as much as I
could before I left for Canada, but I'll have to finish it
later. I'm going to format my hard drives, and then I'm
going to installing two different distros of Linux instead
of having Windows on one partition. If I'm going to do
this, I guess I'm gonna be buying that sound driver from :(

Anyways, I actually finished the Spam FAQ. I'm just having
my CPC Commanding Officer check it over before I post it on
the CPC website. I'll end up adding it to my e-Zine so I
can get that up sooner.

Ok, now for the schedule: I want to finish up my e-Zine
before I get back home. I also want o have half of Michael
Crichton's "DISCLOSURE" read. That will mean I'm well on
my way to being ready for school.

Wednesday, my aunt wants me to help her find a CD-R drive
for her computer, and I'm going to have to install that. It
shouldn't be too much trouble. I can't think of anything
else right now, but I'm sure something will come up.

I'm probably not going to write in here, as long as I'm in
Canada, so... yeah.