Miss.Chrissys Daily Diary
2001-01-11 05:56:04 (UTC)

Wow....today I was in the..

Wow....today I was in the chatroom & Rich told me that he
was going to come see me, so he cought plane tickets & his
plane should have gotten in about 20/30 min ago. He's not
coming straight here, he's renting a car & going to a
hotel. But I think it's increadibly sweet that he just came
to see me for 1 day & is going back friday morning at 6:00
a.m....he didn't want to leave till sunday but he's going
to b/c since this was a last min. thing & I had already
made plans well....it was only right to keep them! But I'm
really excited...although I AM very nervous. I mean what if
he doesn't like me? What if I'm not what he was expecting?
All these things are running through my mind & I feel like
I'm on overload!!! But none the less....I'm really happy
that he's coming & I think it's a very sweet & romantic
thing to do :o)
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