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2002-08-06 14:41:41 (UTC)

my life

yeah well this is ricky most of you don't really care but
hey w/e. yeah i live a very boring life, i'm 17 now yay
me, i'm really short and ugly. that is me. yeah i'm single
as always. about a week ago i really pissed off ash, i
told her that i didn't want a relationship well she did or
atleast that is what i think and now she isn't talking to
me and i'm not likling that at all. she was a great friend
i hate to lose her. but shit happens right life gose on.
school is getting ready to start that is a good thing
because i get out at 10:45 everyday yes!!!! i can't wait,
my last year of school is here at last. yeah there is this
girl lindz yea i'm married to her as she she
made me type that. i love ya lindz. :) wellthat is all for
now i think

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