steaming the buns
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2002-08-06 10:23:18 (UTC)

story so far

I've just realized that ive been eating alone for almost a
year now. funny i was'nt that aware of it.of course at
home, ive got the family to break bread with. im talkin
about since i started workin here. i dunno. i guess it
takes me a really really long time to fel comfortable with
new people.
I guess i just dont really care what people think and hv
not the time to stop and smile my little smile or make idle
i dont thuink im making any sense. not the best time for me
to be writing right now. got some things on my mind.
just emptying my mind by typing. dont really care if it
makes sense. just type type type.

where was i? oh yeah my indifference at work. whatever i
see, whatever i hear.. i just think to myself "i dont give
a fuck" just me myself and the job.

i imagine ive got this invisible hand rotating around me
giving everybody the finger. i smile my smile, enjoying my
private joke.

the students have started piling in. ive got to go.

the story so far.. not much.