good times, good times
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2001-07-09 06:21:08 (UTC)

i went to my first day of real..

i went to my first day of real college. megan is in my
music appreciation class. i thought that was cool. after
music appreciation i went to my history class...i am a
freshman. this was a graduate class! i was like no way! i
decided to drop that one needless to say!
when i got home i had to pack for the lake. we were there
all weekend. we shot fire works off the dock. the scariest
thing happened during all of this. one of the fireworks
backfired and hit megan christie and caitlin. megan has a
huge bruise
ok new subject!!! matt sucks! he sucks and he is so mean.
aweful. i hate him. i hate him i hate him.
why is he such a prick? damnitt
cant even talk bout this right now. i'm crying. oh i hate