Finding my Light
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2002-08-06 06:22:18 (UTC)

Lake Havasu

Hey there friends! Oh my goodness, I've had the best
weekend ever! My sister, her best friend Gayle, one of my
best friends Romiah, and I all left for Lake Havasu
together on thursday. After we all got there Nick and
David came over to greet us. It felt so great seeing Nick
again. Basically the whole night we all just talked. It
was great though because David kept on making us laugh.
Friday we all went to a private beach. It was nice
just chillen there. Later on that evening we all went to
Nick's house and swam in his pool. Later that night Nick
took us to this chick's house for the rest of the night.
Later on we all decided that she wasn't a very nice person.
Saturday we all went to the Sand Bar. It's a place on
the Colorado River where it's very shallow. Anyway it was
really windy, but there were a lot of people there! We all
had fun, but we had to leave early because it was getting
too windy so we all decided to go to the Channel. We
pretty much just messed around there until it was time to
go back to the house. When we got back to the house we
messed around a little then went to Nick's house to go
chill with him and David. When we got there we all watched
some movies in his room. LOL They were so-o gross! Well
anyway after that we went to a place called Rupertos.
David was cracking Romiah up! She could not stop laughing
at him. After that we went to a closed park to have some
fun then went back to Nick's house to swim. After we were
all getting too tired to swim we went in to watch "From
Hell." David kept on making Romiah laugh nonstop. While
we all were watching the movie Nick and I curled up under a
blanket together (it was heaven) and later on in the nigt
David and Romiah started to hold hands. It was way too
cute. It was sad because that was th elast day we were
going to see them because they were both leaving for
vacation the next morning.
Sunday we all woke up to a great surprise. Nick and
David had left all of us red roses before they left. I
wanted to cry. I love those boys so much. Well anyway
Sunday we went back to the Sand Bar. It was okay. We met
these two guys though that started to annoy us though.
They just wouldn't leave us alone! I had to start yelling
at one because he disrespected my parents! Lets just say
that day on the lake wasn't our best. Later that evening
though we all went to see "Signs." That was a great
movie. LOL Too bad we had to sit in the first front row,
but it was cool.
Today we rented wave runners. It was Romiah's first
time on a wave runner, but she got the hang of it pretty
fast. We all didn't want to return them because we were
having so much fun. Only one thing went wrong though...
Romiah and I accidentally bumped into each other and caused
a little dent that we have to pay, but it's okay. Later
that night we all went to see "Master of Diguise." It was
okay. We were glad we all saw it though just to get it out
of the way.
I miss Nick so-o much. We care for each other very,
very much and it sucks that we live so far away. Nick
thinks it's unfair how I came back into his life and stole
his heart and to know that he can't have me. He's not
alone in that thinking. I think the same about him. I
hate it how fate brought such a wonderful guy in my life
and yet we can't be together. I almost love him though and
he almost loves me. Just being so far apart is what's
keeping us from reaching our true potential together. I
wish there was a real way that Nick and I could be
together. I would most likely never leave his side.