my entity
2002-08-06 05:41:23 (UTC)


have you ever thought about salvation? perhaps during your
spare or dull moments? or whenever you're feeling alone and
lonely? or when you feel that the world has neglected you?
or perhaps whenever those "sins" you have came into a
flashback on your mind? well then dont worry, be happy!
Jesus Christ is here for all of us :)

well...this is the time God is talking to you...knocking on
your heart and wanting to come into you...should you open
your heart for Him?

i dont know what brought me into reading a scripture this
afternoon when i woke up...and i just cant resist not to
write it in here..perhaps for those people who read this
and maybe for my record :)

while reading a few pages of that devotional book
("Learning to Love People You Don't Like" by Floyd
McClung) , i already learned a lot of things about
life...about God...i was thinking what more if i have read
the whole book already? oh sure you guys will
reflect on this...try to have and read it..

oopsss...dont forget to have a bible with you too while
reading this!

1:42 PM