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2002-08-06 01:56:52 (UTC)

Only heroes die - things are made of dream

Monday night. I saw Mel and her allowed friends. Well she
was trying to be fine to losers. She thinks if she could
change them she will fix her whole life. People just think
she is driven out her mind. The people are not the funny
neither the good. Maybe the crost of years in a social
I think yesterday if I only replaced my PetCat by Mel. Lucky
of her. But truth is that some people can see the Love and
live life beneath it. Every thing could be alright. People
like me become a hero not a lover. Because there is many
changes in heart than a simple fairy tale story. In battle
field I would become a warrior. The very proof heart
beneath love mistook.
I give her some parfum. With vanilla and caramel and pea and
other fruits and flowers. It was some Felicita parfum. A
touch of kindeness for her life.
Tuesday I will make a good day. It is very noticed that
a ring made of palm small coconut could do. It is better
than an onix necklage. Because coconut make feel corageus
and did not betrayed by fear or other illusions of mind.
The onix only give to other people the felt that we are
more stronger than they could notice. And onix protect
people against other people tries to offense. Coconut ring
make people to know the real feelings of heart and to act
like people that have a heart to defend themselves against
lies and traps of life.
Better days for me and my truly friends. And I will help
people better and maybe receive some prize. Some people
said I would be paid by my works. I thought it is better
be known by works not by prize. I could be happy in
feelings. I am happy in life because I am aimed by heart.