Ghetto Beebo

Living it for da LoRd!
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2002-08-06 04:18:52 (UTC)

What a Day!

wow...i dunoo waht to say...this was a very hecktic day. I
still thank God for giving me this day...many things
happened...good and bad, but mostly bad...but is
all in da Lord's plan.

I'm feelin this wierd feelin inside of me towards a not how i feel towards anyone else...i tend to
think it's love! I'm pretty sure it is...i'm prayin about
it and i wanna get an anser from da one who invented
love..da one who is love!
I wanna tell her dat i love her...even though she already
knos...but i'm not sure is a good idea. I don't feel da
same way around enyone jus a wierd feeling...dis
feelin makes me do anything for her sake. Some girls look
hot from my point of view...and evil thoughts start comin
into my mind when i see such girls...but this one is
different...i don't think about her da same way...wheneva i
think about her or see her...i don't think about sex or
lust or any other evil like type of thought...instead i
think of peacefullness and da only thing i wanna do is be
around her...C her...hear her voice...jus think about her
is enough for me...
Da day i met this girl was one of da happiest days of muh
life...i don't ever wanna forget dat day and i don't think
i will forget dat jus too important of a day for
me to forget. Da moment i saw her was what i like to call
an "eternal instant"a moment dat refused to end after 60 jus wanted to go on and on. Dat moment changed
muh life foreva!