2002-08-06 02:46:17 (UTC)

A slight case of Amnesia has struck me...

It's true. It's true.

I know it might seem kinda obsessive, but it's just kinda
weird. I don't know this dude at all. But when he first
talked to me, there was something about him. It was
intimite attraction at first sight. Everything seemed
normal. I wasn't shy, and I wasn't scared. I was kinda
being myself. Which is REAL weird cause I usually don't
warm up to people for a hell of a long time. I knew
eventually this guy was older, more experianced, yada yada
yada. I normally feel even more closed up in such
situations. It was not affecting me at all. Go figure.

My point is though, that even though I had a wonderful
time, I don't remember more then that. I remember it was
fun. I'm not sure in what sense. I can't seem to put my
thoughts on that feeling again. I don't remember his face,
his voice, his body, nor do I recall his manner of being.

Something tells me he might just call either Wednesday or
Thursday. More likely Thursday. If he doesn't I'm calling
him. Which reminds me of something I thought up of. I think
that he didn't go past a kiss on the cheek is because I
told him before that my brothers were working security. (I
was talking to them and then came back to him and told him:
oh, those are my brothers." He had kinda of a "oh oh" look
on his face. The next day Arthur told me that some guy was
getting smart with him and it might have been him. Atleast
he looked like him. HAHAHA) I'm glad he didn't go further.
If he didn't because of my bro's, then I'm finally happy to
have them. It's those kind of situations that make all the

It's these reasons why I'm glad to keep this diary. Cause I
can just reread his discription, and how I felt. I just
wish I would have wrote it more discriptively. I'm bored
real bad today. Half of me keeps thinking about him still,
the other half is wondering why, since I don't remeber any
more then his name. I really gotta get that spell together
soon, and stop forgetting about it.


My brothers are gonna be Security again for the second part
of that party. It's working out well for them. If all goes
well they might end up getting paid for this. Which is
good. They'll have a weekend job, and I'll have a hot place
to party every weekend. (Only $5 if I wear a thong too.)

Which reminds me, I was thinking of going to the next
party, but I don't know what would I wear. All I wore last
time was my red pants with a tie die tank. That's about it
for my wacky pant selctions. There is no way in hell I'm
ever wearing a skirt to a dance again. So that cuts that
out. All that's left is jeans (not good for a party), tight
black pants (a little too tight), very loose black pants,
(a little too classy) and my wite pants with the slits
(which only go well with flip flops or boots, also not a
good thing for parties, plus they will get dirty and
destroyed easily from the way I dance.) Damn it, everything
has a flaw. I'm either gonna buy something new with money I
don't have yet, or just go with one of the black pants.
Then again, what shirt do I have that's not too hot to
match? This I'm not gonna write down to save you all the
misery of reading my pointless thoughts. (Hopefully
something more juicy will come along for you guys to read

Which brings me to another point yet again. Summer is
almost over, and I still don't have a job. UGGGhh. This
bites. I gotta keep searching the papers. Keep looking
around, and keep asking for applications wherever I'm
interested. I'll probably finally get the nerve to ask at
that new Starbucks where that hot young manager works, and
Karoline's friend works. They're not looking for anyone,
but there are good looking guys there, (such as the
manager,) I'm not in it for the guys. I've applied at
another Starbucks before, a about 4 months back. They never
called me up. Hopefully it will work out. I wanna make
coffee. Karoline would prabobly in for the freebies quite


I don't know what else to write. There's that Amnesia
kicking in. Well, I'm gonna go put a hat on before
something else falls out of my head. Till then, Toodles!!!


P.S. Teresa I'm calling you today. You probably won't read
this by then but still. I miss you lots. (I was gonna write
something else. Hopefully if it's important I'll remember
on the phone. Bye!!!)