Pure Belligerence
2001-07-09 04:34:51 (UTC)

*Hell yea im livin life in the fast lane*

heh, disregard my title yet again.... im just listening to
some limp bizkit. Today i went over my grandmothers house
and jeff was there with his friend. They went downstairs
to watch tv and i went down too.... and we were watching
this really gay disney channel show so i took the remote to
see what else was on... but i didnt change the channel
because my grandparents have digital cable and you can do
that... so then jeff threw a hissy fit and went to tell on
me and robert..... his friend... called him an asshole
because he saw i wasnt doing anything... and that got jeff
even more upset. Se after awhile of jeff ignoring us, we
went for a bike ride and saw a deer on the side of the
road... less than 10 ft away from us... but the robert was
a prick and said boo and scared the poor thing away. So
then we got back to the house and jeff was still in a bad
mood but was going by himself for a ride but robert went
with him anyways and by the time they got back they were
friends again. Then, we all went to watch a movie.. and
jeff left... so then i followed him.... he wasnt mad at me
anymore.... and gave me this crap about how he was mad at
robert because he didnt "understand" how me and jeff were
always fighting. But somehow we were alright again and
played cards... robert kept slapping my hand a little
harder than nessicary in spit... and grabbing my wrist....
and then when jeff was being a cheater he left and me and
robert played by ourselves. He kept making little sex
comments to me.... like i wanna have you.... but when i
gave him a weird look he said really quickly... no no, i do
that to everyone... ask jeff.... and i said to him.... you
do that to jeff too? and he said yeah.... and another
thing... he made that disgusting slurping sound with his
mouth and i said ewww.... because i hate when people do
that.... (in case someone doesnt get what i mean... its
someone eating a girl out.... ewwwy) and he said... amy....
youve got a dirty mind... and throughout he kept flicking
me... which kinda hurt... and then we went to play baseball
(yes.. with just the three of us) and i was sitting on the
wooden swing and waiting for them and he comes and sits
next to me (its a two seater) and he was makin fun of how i
pitch, when i told them i was not good at it at all... but
then when it was his turn again he wanted me to pitch to
him...and we were on our way out the door when we were
leaving and robert slapped me.... so i slapped him back...
but by accident i got him in the ass... which i was really
embarrassed about because thats just gross... hes friggen a
little kid.... and he called me on it but i denied it...
yuck...just little things like that. So then we were
getting driven home by my aunt.... jeffs mom... and i was
in the front.... they were in the back.... and robert, who
was right behind me... kept slapping me on the head or
pulling my hair.... oh my god... little boys flirt in the
most annoying ways.... and some of the shit he was doing
really hurt... so i turned around and clawed him because i
couldnt do much else when he was holding my wrist in
place... i drew some blood too... heh, i always was a
girlie fighter... but he was just being totally obnoxious.
I mean, dont get me wrong, im flattered and everything he
was flirting with me.... but he is a little boy.... 12 to
be exact... and for him to be anything more to me than a
boy is absolutely disgusting. Ok, thats my little weird
thing that happened today.