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2001-07-09 04:25:35 (UTC)

OMG! I hate my brother! I m so..

OMG! I hate my brother! I'm so mad at him!! AH! It is
the "outraged" sort of hate. I just don’t know! He told
Brian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It turns out they work together at
the hotel, and Justin told him that I think he is cute. Oh
god. I should have known I couldn’t trust him. I never
could. Anyways, after I stopped beating on him, he told me
that Brian just sort of smiled when he told him. Not a “aww
that’s sweet” smile, more like a “sweeeeeeet” smile. So I
don’t know what to think!

I found out from Justin, that he is 18 years old and he
moved to Canada cuz of his dad’s work. And he is going to
take gr 13 next year. I am going into gr 12 next year, but
I have 4 gr 13 classes! Maybe we’ll be together in a few!
(It’s 2 months off, but who cares?!) Anyways, I also found
out that he used to have a really serious girlfriend, but
they broke up when he moved. And he was heart broken (aw!)
but he’s slowly getting over her. I feel weird cuz like, I
don’t want to be a rebound girl or whatever, you know? ah,
I am being so optomistic here, can't ya tell? I bet he
doesn't even like me.. but ah.. I like the thought!!

So it is time for a more thorough description of this Brian
character, eh? Well, from what I gather, he is kind of
short for an 18 yr old (He can't be over 5'8"), but he's
got a really nice shape to him. Justin also told me he is
into soccer which is cool cuz so am I. So, he's 5'8",
athletic. He's got light brownish blonde hair that's short
and sort of curly (hehe, so sweet!) and he has blue-grey
eyes. And of course, his Kentucky accent is just to die
for... I know Ive barely talked to him, but I am in some
major lust. He's been on my mind since the party on
Saturday. I want to call him. Justin has his number, but he
probably doesn't even remember me.

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