Mysterious Attitude
2001-07-09 04:25:09 (UTC)

Sunday July 8,2001

*Time: 11:15pm
*Wearing:black tube top and black shorts
*Wearing eariler: Player Jersey hehe, black tube top, black
studded pants
*Jewelry: Now: my nugget ring, my cross ring, my 2
bracesless eariler just add my black choker, and my
name plate hehe :)
*Hair: now: down eariler : down with bangs held back by
headband sorta thing
*Listenin to : nothing
*Eating/Drinkin:Just ate beef stew and a sandwish/Pepsi
*Song of the day : All or Nothing-Otown
*Weather: Its dark out now... but it was really hot while
the sun was out
*Talking to : Elizabeth and Adrian
*Mood: Happy
*Thinking: Damn Adrian is sooo sweet.... hehe He really
made my day...

~~~Last Night~~~

I was online last night... reading my mail and writing in my diary
as usual... I was talkin to Elizabeth and Adrian then 2... well Jack
got online last night... so I hurried up to make my diary unpublic so
he wouldn't see it.. then I Imed him... well he told me that he had
moved on... and that I should to... and I was tryin to tell him I was
sorry but he wasn't hearing me... and he told me that I was bothering
him so I let him go... well I started to cry cuz of what he said felt
like sharp knives at my heart... Elizabeth was makin me laugh and
made me feel a lil better... and Adrian was tryin to help me also...
they both were like don't cry over him... well I signed off cuz my
pager was going off... so I called back who paged me... it was
Andria...I told her what happened between me and Jack.. and she was
like I need to talk to that boy.. so I gave her his cell phone
number.. and she called him while I was on the phone... I found out
the reason he don't want to talk to me anymore.. it is cuz he has a
new gurlfriend in Illinois.. her name is Jessica Seltion... =-/ That
got me pissed off... I honestly don't want to talk to him ever
again... I talked to Andria until like 3:30am... and I went to sleep
at 4am... and got up at 5am to get ready so I could go to work with
my mom and meet Adrian :)


I was like soo tired... considering I had only one hour of sleep...
So I was sitting at my mom's gas station being bored.. and tryin to
wake up.... well at like 9 I think it is... I tried to call Adrian
but the phone line was busy cuz I guess his mom was online... so I
keep calling and I finally got through at 10am I think it was... I
told him that I was there and asked if he was still going to come
meet me... he was like yeah... my mom is getting ready right now
actually... I was like aight cool... so we talked for like
10minutes.. and I hung up and told him to call me before he left..He
was like ok... After I hung up with him Andria paged me...so I called
her back.. talked to her for like 2 minutes.. and then I had to go...
so I sat there.... waiting for Adrian to call and tell me he was on
his way... well he called at like... 10:40am... and said he was
leaving then... That is when I got really nervous... lol I was lookin
at every car that came into the lot... looking for him.... well when
he did get there.. I didn't see his mom's car.. or even notice
him...actually my mom saw him first... lol My first thought was.. he
is short... but hehe he is a cutie..so I can deal with that... I tell
u the poor boy was soo nervous... I hugged him... and we stood there
talkin for a few minutes.. then he was like do u wanna meet my mom..
I was like sure...so we both headed outside so I could meet her... I
shook her hand... and told her it was nice to meet her.. and then
asked her if she wanted to meet my mom.. she was like ok sure... and
Adrian told me to go on inside and he would be right there.. I was
like ok... and I went inside the gas station and was tryin to get my
mom to come outside of the glass... I saw Adrian and his mom walkin
in... and my mom met his mom.... hehe they totally hit it off...
yay!! lol... well anywho... while his mom was talkin to my mom... he
motioned for me to come over to him.. so I did... and what did he do?
¿ He surprised me with flowers,a box of candies, and a card... I was
like omg no u didn't.. and I hugged him and told him thank u... I
almost started crying.. but I was thinking to myself.. don't do it
gurlie wait till he leaves or sumthing... So we all stood there
talking... but people kept coming in...so my mom couldn't really
talk... but I tell ya... Adrian's mom is sooo cool!!! I was talkin to
her a lot.. but Adrian was really quiet.. I was like aww... hehe he
is shy.. he was sorta messing with everthing... but I found it soo
cute hehe... Well I had Faye give Adrian and hos mom sum free
Chicken.. and we all talked for like an hour... before they left
tho.. I gave Adrian another hug.. and also hugged his mom... and
guess what... our mom's may go out drinkin soon... hehe so that means
I will get to see Adrian more :) :) My mom also loves him.. hehe she
was like he is a cutie.. and he seems so nice... and she said that if
I wanted sumone he would be a good one to get cuz he is a mamma's boy
so that would mean he would take care of me.. so yay hehe this makes
like the only guy my mom likes :)
My mom got off at 2.. and by the time Adrian and his mom left it was
already 1.. so I was like one more hour baby... and from like then
until I got home I was soo worried about if he liked me or not.. or
if he would keep talking to me... After my mom got off work we went
to K-Mart cuz they had their school supplies on sell... I got sum
foleders,pens,pencils, paper, u know things like that... I also got O-
Town's cd, YM magazine, and one of the books to the Chicken Soup
series... Then we came home... I put my flowers in a vase and placed
them in the kitchen so everyone can see them, then I put my card and
box of candies in my "keepsake" box... and I asked my mom if I could
get online under my sn for one minutes to see if he was out there...
well he wasn't... but as soon as I signed on my pager when off and it
was a voice mail... so i signed off and called.. and it was Adrian!!
yay... hehe I called him back from my grams house.. and we talked for
like an hour... hehe we were talkin sumwhat dirty tho... but shh...
hehe then we had to hang up cuz his mom wanted online...I was soo
happy I tell u... hehe I was listening to my O-Town cd.. and I fell
I woke up at 9 sumthing....ate and then came over to my house..
waited for my mom to get offline.. then I signed on...I'm talkin to
Elizabeth and Adrian right now.. and guess what... hehe Adrian just
sorta asked me out... yay!!! He was like I would be honored to be
your boyfriend... so yeah I think were going out now... I hope I get
to see him tomorrow... cuz I really want to see him.. and he wants to
see me.... and I'm going to talk to him as soon as I signoff... so I
guess that is all for now... hehe what a day... it started so bad..
and ended so great... hehe So bye bye