One Fucked Up World
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2002-08-05 23:46:09 (UTC)


Hello, this is my first entry, well... here is a lil
back round info. My name is Ashlee, I am 15 live in
Columbus, Ohio. I play soccer, i love to try and write
poetry and draw, i talk on the interet alot, and i love to
hang out with friends. Well... I am in love with this place
in South Carolina, its called Kiawah Island. Its very small
and near Murtal Beach. Its not very known but its a great
place. I have met many people from all over.. even
Britain... although she didn't like me adn wanted to fight
me I still met her. I know people from MA, to LA, and
people from Ohio.

Well... there is this guy named Tommy, who I think I
love. But he is odd... he messes with my head alot. Well...
last summer.. we fougt because i kinda had this thing for
his brother(not really) and he had this thing for this
slut. So wekept fighting and then made up.. we talked off
and on all year untill i went back this year. This he
totally blew me off... I hardly saw him ad i only see him
once a year. So i got really mad.. and there was this guy..
Hugh he was so cute and sweet.. and I so could of done
stuff with him but i didn't and i kinda regret it because
he was such a sweetheart. And did i say he was cute? well..
thats all I have for today. I hope you keep reading this ad
give me some feed back.
Thanx a bunch!
~Ashlee :)