Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2002-08-05 20:03:26 (UTC)

I Miss Ryan!!!!

Ryan's been gone for 6 days now, he left last Tuesday,
the 31st. I miss him so much. Two weeks is such a long time
for us to be apart, we've never been apart so long before.
Tomorrow's the halfway point, and it hasn't been
excruciatingly terrible so I guess I'll make it. I just
keep thinking about him every second that I'm not
preoccupied with something or someone else.
I went to a play with Jason last Friday (it was his
wife's play, Phantom of The Opera, and it was absolutely
horrible but very (unintentionally) funny. There were awful
French accents and silly props, and actually, one of the
only people that pulled off the accent okay was Stephanie,
his wife. She was nice, and very cute, but I think that she
still doesn't like me (it was our first time meeting, but
she's disliked me since before we met because she was a bit
jealous of me hanging out with Jason every night after
class). She was cordial to me, but I'm sure she doesn't
want to like me since I spend so much time alone with her
husband. I can totally understand where she's coming from,
I was just hoping that once we met, she'd warm up to me.
She only said a couple of words to me and barely even
glanced in my direction. She'll come around eventually, I
hope. I totally got along with his brother Lance and his
friend Sarah (she was a married bisexual pot smoking girl
too, and we totally clicked).
I took Evan to Knott's Berry Farm on Saturday, and we
stayed all day, until about 4:00. It was a lot of fun, it's
cute how even though he's 12, he screams like a little girl
on roller coasters (I hope nobody that knows him reads
this...or he reads it). He was a lot of fun to hang out
with. We got totally drenched on their newest water ride,
Perilous Plunge. It was like we went swimming, seriously.
There wasn't a dry spot on us, so we decided to skip The
Log Ride and Bigfoot Rapids. We went on everything else
though. When we got back, my dad took us all out to dinner
(Mom and Spencer too), so it was nice day visiting my
Right after I got home, Daniel came by for a little
while to see me. Laura broke up with Daniel on Friday, and
Saturday night was my first time seeing him since then. I
took a little walk with him, and he said he's doing okay. I
don't really believe him, because I know he loves her more
than anything, and he always wanted to work things out.
Laura just sort of gave up on him, and I'm not saying it's
wrong (because she's been through a lot with him), it's
just really sad. The day after they broke up, he went over
to her work and brought her flowers and wished her good
luck on her road trip (she's taking what will be an awful
trip with a really annoying coworker named Adrienne). He
wants to stay friends, and I really hope she does too. I
have a feeling if they stay friends they'll end up getting
back together.
Okay, I guess I'll get back to work now, I'll write
more later. Bye!