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2002-08-05 19:41:11 (UTC)

Damn damn damn..... no moneys

I hate being broke. I really do. It's such a pain in the
ass to go around pinching all the money you have. All I did
was buy a new deck. Kinda didn't need it. Well... I'll sell
off to my brother or something. I dunno. Time to beg my dad
to get me my pay advance. Minda you, I don't get any money
at all for like two weeks. And I'll only have like 23
dollars. You know how much it sucks? I've had this happen
before. Damnit to hell.................... Never spending
money again unless I really really want it or need it.
Damnit to hell..... I'm gonna go skate around town. I'll
write more in like a few days. Someone write me!!!!!! K bye.