2002-08-05 19:25:30 (UTC)

I keep writing...

For some reason I keep coming on here and just writing.
Geez... fuckin' third time today. You'd think I'd have a
life! Ha!

I'm still tryin' to get my friends parents to pick us up at
The Rage tonight but things don't look so good. I'm just
glad I was able to get me and Matt in for free cuz I'm all
outta money. I have three dollars and I need two of thoses
for tonight cuz me, Alina, and Matt all rave. Kinda sucks.
I just might ask my dad for an allowence advance cuz I
really need that money. Just incase David X didn't put us
on the little "guest list" at the door. I like to plan
ahead. Just my way of doin' shit.

Some rat ass bitch stole my brothers little skateboard. I
fuckin' told him to put it away but he didn't listen..... I
love bein' right. :D Take pride in it, concidering I have
none. :'( Pitty me, pitty me.

Mmmmmmmmmmk... I can almost ollie. I feel ashamed not being
able to, even though I'm concidered a skater by everyone I
know who skates. Which is really cool I guess. I got a new
deck yesterday because the one I had was too heavy... now
the one I have is too light. I just might switch them back
around... I dunno. I do know that I need heavier trucks
though. The lighter they are, the more likely I'll fall of
the board. I gotta admit, skatings fun. Even for a girl...
they say I do pretty well.