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2002-08-05 18:35:47 (UTC)


Music's always been a big part of my life. I tried starting
a band but NOOOO!!!! Gots to move eh?? Yea... Well, so far
my favorite band is TRUSTcompany. I love the way the do
their music. Take it all. Great song. Myea. I feel like an
idiot now! Well fuck then.... grrrr poopies. Right. I'm
just gonna keep writing my lyrics and try my band all over
again down in Orange County. Hopefully it'll work this
time. Someone help meh please. Anyone like rock music? All
the kinds, or just some of them, I don't care! Just wanna
talk to someone!

K... that was my lonely half talking. Today Is really
boring. I'm on the edge of my seat hoping my friend Alina
can come to The Rage with me and Matt. I really wanna see
Dj David X before I leave, which is in like a fuckin' week.
I hate moving. I move like every fuckin' year, well cept
the past four years I've lived in this shitty town with
like 50,000 people in it! It has one fuckin' high school
for chirst's sake! I feel sorry for my friends who've lived
here their whole lives. There's nothing to do but smoke
pot, which I don't do, so there goes my fun! Damn drugs.
I still don't see what's so great about it. Ooooo spend
money I don't have on shit that lasts for like five hours
then goes away while fucking my body up! SMART! Yea... K...
Right... Least I have a brain to speak of.

I hate it when people look down on me for being 15. I've
had adults say I'm wise beyond my years but then my parents
come up calling me stupid. Gee... I'm loved. Stupid step
mom... She don't even care bout me. Bitch wants me in
foster care. Says she's jealious of me.

Grrr... people need to get over themselves I swear to god
man. People will be the death of me. :P

Nuff rambbling for now. I can't even spell.... damn
crackers. Have fun reading. I guess. Later my penguins!


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