2002-08-05 18:20:32 (UTC)


Well... hmm... hi I guess. I got this little thingy from my
frien alina. It's pretty cool.

Well, I don't have much to write. Don't you hate it when
that happens? When you first get something, you have no use
for it, but once you get rid of it you need it? I've had
that happen a few times. Bugs the shit outta me.
Kinda like a person you care about. It's a bitch, but live
and learn.
I did that with my hair. It used to be long, lol now it's
hella short. Please remind me never cut it again! I don't
look mean or evil anymore... but I had to cut it cuz it's
so hard to skate with long hair... But I'll find away to
cope with my loss *tear* lol.
Well... normally I find that people who write these diary
thingys talk in slang and what not but I don't! Fuckers!
Well... kinda ( o_o )