Day to Day Life
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2002-08-05 17:42:44 (UTC)


this is the first time i wrote in this thing. Thanx Mike
for the idea. um...i guess i just write, huh? ...ok i
know. Today is Mon Aug 5th. It is the first day out of
stupid ass summa skule. I wasted my whole entire summa,
but it's koo cuz i got see all my friends and meet new
ppl. So it's all good. I'm prolly going to this club with
my friends tonight. It's called the Rage. Show off my
shitty raving skills, but i'll try. It should be fun. I'll
write about that next time(even though three quarters of
the ppl reading this don't even get a fuck). Oh well.
That's about it. I'll update, no worries. Lata, Alina

P.S.Conrad I miss you, get back soon

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