Ghetto Beebo

Living it for da LoRd!
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2002-08-05 17:01:54 (UTC)


I woke up this morning frieghtened by muh own brother and
dad. They came chargin from outside tellin me dat muh mom
haas not arrived at work yet...and dat means she has been
driving to work for over 3 1/2 hours. da whole ride is
supposed to take 45 minutes...we had no idea what happened
to her...
muh dad goes outside lookin for her while i wait here for a
phone call...while dis was happening...i was on muh knees
praying and trying to ask God to let her be safe...and then
i realized dat i don't go to God much to thank him no
mo...i go when there is trouble...but dat changes from now
on. Imma go and thank da Lord for being der and helpin me
through tough times like today...btw...muh mom called and
said dat she was at work, but da phone was down and da
whole system was down also and dat she was ok...i called
dad and told him and he came back...but jus da scray feelin
of her not being here was bad enough...thank God she's
alive...and dat made me pay more attention to muh
parents...cuz life can be gone in a sec. and we take it for
granted...i thank God for dat incident, even though i
didn't like it much, but it made realize many things.