Days in Paradise
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2002-08-05 15:40:16 (UTC)

Working in Paradise

Ever wonder what it's like to live in the town of your
college? Well I know exactly what it's like, how traffic
changes like seasons with the schedules of college
students, how you party every night one week and then
everyone goes home and you are left with lots of free time
to ponder your existence and start online diarys.
However it defintely has it's perks, like if you need a
break from roommates you drive 10 minutes and sleep in your
own bed and play with your animals and mom will cook you a
homemade meal. Can't beat that.
But when you try to find a job, you're replacable and you
get paid nothing and it sucks a lot. I got this job over
the summer as a server in a locally owned restaurant
because it was so close to my dorms. However, it didn't do
any business and last month it closed for remodeling and I
got transferred to another restaurant owned by the same
man. Instead of working with us they had us retrain for
two months of work. Plus they don't pay you mim. wage
when you bus, you get server's wage plus tip out. One
night I made 4.14 an hour. Why am I still working there, I
dont know. But I'm gonna quit in a couple days :) I should
have just worked at my grocery store, I've been there over
3 years and still love it. I do nothing and get paid
decent money, what more could you ask for? I'd rather take
the bus to work there than be a server downtown. So learn
this from me, if your job sucks, dont wait like I did, it's
not worth it cause you're just gonna get screwed.

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