things that make you go mmmm
2001-07-09 03:09:02 (UTC)

July 8, 2001

TNTARHEEL482 [9:24 PM]: so how are you enjoying
your new job?
LCAquaPanther [9:24 PM]: it's good
TNTARHEEL482 [9:24 PM]: I bet it pays better to
say the least
LCAquaPanther [9:24 PM]: $7/hour
TNTARHEEL482 [9:26 PM]: well the first week in
august is my last week at bi lo
LCAquaPanther [9:26 PM]: that's cool
TNTARHEEL482 [9:27 PM]: so how's your summer been
LCAquaPanther [9:27 PM]: fun stuff
TNTARHEEL482 [9:28 PM]: got a spare $400 laying
around that I could have so I can afford my dang computer
TNTARHEEL482 [9:28 PM]: []
LCAquaPanther [9:30 PM]: nope sorry
TNTARHEEL482 [9:30 PM]: worth a try
LCAquaPanther [9:31 PM]: yup
TNTARHEEL482 [9:33 PM]: I'm trying to get a dell
dimension 8100 w/ the pentium 4 @ 1.3 ghz.
LCAquaPanther [9:34 PM]: cool
TNTARHEEL482 [9:38 PM]: it costs$1,567.88
LCAquaPanther [9:39 PM]: cool
TNTARHEEL482 [9:40 PM]: the thing is I need 505.00
LCAquaPanther [9:41 PM]: I see
TNTARHEEL482 [9:41 PM]: and I think the graduation
gift money well is run dry
LCAquaPanther [9:41 PM]: that sucks
TNTARHEEL482 [9:41 PM]: yeah tell me something I
don't know
LCAquaPanther [9:42 PM]: []
TNTARHEEL482 [9:42 PM]: hopefully the tax refund
will come through and that will help me a little
LCAquaPanther [9:43 PM]: I got that a long time ago
TNTARHEEL482 [9:43 PM]: no the one b/c of the
Bush tax cut
LCAquaPanther [9:43 PM]: I hate that son of a bitch
TNTARHEEL482 [9:44 PM]: the 300.00 dollars to
single tax payers
LCAquaPanther [9:44 PM]: yeah

Grrr, some people just don't take a hint, I mean, come
on, one word answers? He just won't leave me alone. I have
been so incredibly lazy today, all I've done is clean,
watch TV, and spend time with Teeks. We are going to Mango
tomorrow night, we are excited. Yesterday night I was
fairly more active, I went to Marble Slab with Jimm, and
the line was out the door, so we went to TCBY and ended up
having to sit on my car. We saw Heartbreakers too, that
movie was so funny. I think I'm just going to superglue my
phone to my head, I'm always on it but the calls I get are
rarely the calls I want. Isn't it always that way? I get to
go to work tomorrow, I'm so excited, everyone there is just
so awesome!! Oh man, I missed Sex and the City, I am so
disappointed. So random, so random.....