2002-08-05 14:45:50 (UTC)

another day

Antherday it is 2day. which is going to very boring. all
the life guards went out. and i couldn't go cuz my parents
r ass holes. my mom thinks it would b cute 4 me 2 go out
with a 20yr old guy. but i dunno even care right now. i
don't want anybody to like or b mine. cuz i just don't feel
like loveing or liking any1. my heart and mind is sum where
else now. i have to try to ind it. well some people don't
like the fact that i hang out with guys older then me, but
who cares. lol. life is very boring. someday i want to walk
on the beach with the guy i luv and like. i wat to hold his
kiss 4ever. and hold his hand so i will never lose him.
right now im talking to people online and watching Animal
Plant. boy i want a Basengi (the barkless dog). there so
cute. i wish i had a dog again. so i could to to it 4ever
like i did with Spanky, Pal, and Major. i miss them all.
RIP my love ones. Grandma RIP 2. there is no1 to replace
any of us's. wel lim going to get dressed now and talk to
more of my friends online. so BYE