Anand Bose

2002-08-05 14:39:07 (UTC)

Fishing Fish

Fishing Fish
You would know my star; if you do, you are fishing too!
When the fish swim together they kiss. With the crab, the
tickle all the way is crabby and fishy. Oh, so you are a
scorpion, no wonder your will is stinging and locking;
you are stinging while I lurk; quite a scorpion, huh! If
its the water-bearer, there’s no worry; the fish would have
ample space to swim in! Did I see the locking of Horns;
it ‘s easy for the little fish to slip through; you would
have to think twice of being a pushy Ram! The Lion has a
big mouth; I hope it would love the fishy salt. The goat is
slippery on the hill top. The eel is heel with the goat on
top; the virgin is green and greening the virgin is watery;
the twin faces need to the twin of grinning tails ...I am
still fishing or very Fishy...