Land of the Free...Home of the Enslaved
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2002-08-05 14:00:24 (UTC)

Monday, August 5th

Its 7:54am...and I have been here at work for almost 2
hours now. No one is here so its just me sitting
here...updating my diary.
*NEW NEWS* I dyed my hair 'natural blue black' last night.
My mom pretended to be mad, but I know that she actually
liked it...HA!
Tomorrow is tuesday and that means tuesday nite
concerts...a time to get high and drunk with my
friends...YAY! Im such a bad kid...haha. This time I really
am gonna talk to that street punk kid with the mohawk...I
hope that he doesnt think I am an idiot...that would just
super suck! I guess there is no putting pictures on
here...which sucks cuz you have no idea of knowing what I
look like...i will get it on a site some day so the link
will work. I am done typing cuz i really have to I
will write more later.


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