the daily life of a dork
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2002-08-05 10:11:55 (UTC)

okiez guess im not confused nemore

From: [email protected]

hi jaime! uhmm sorry i didnt ask you first before i could
read this diary entry. but im sorry for buggin your lil
cousin. forgive me? well yea i was really curious cuzz you
know, I LIKE YOU TOO!! (^_^) i was hella tryna ask her
cuzz i wanted to know if she was playing around or not. i
sorry. i didnt want you to get all upset and stressed out.
well i'll talk to you later cuzz i just woke up not too
long ago and bouts to go to works. ok well your not
confused anymore. -k- (O_o) bybyeee!! i like you Jaime, i
like you berry much.


haha that dork!! umm i forgive u onlee if mai cousin forgives u... u
gonna have to ask her.. if not then i guess i dont
jeez foo took u long enough!! mai cousin
and u all buggin meeh. u guys prollie planned to make me go
crazy so i would just spit it out and go i like u every
five minutes. mayn u prollie laughin ur dorkass off right
now as u read this. ima come over and kick ur dorkass!!!
RAY U KNOW IM TALKING TO U!!! my fish fluffy is gonna steal
all ur snacks at home!!! and then all u gonna have is
peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches forever!!! haha im sooo
mean. ha u deserve it!!!

( but then again im mean to people i like)

i kinda thought ray read that cuz i remembered something
the other night bout the word confused and i remembered
writing that. and how he kept on acting all bummed out when
i talked to him that day. hmmm bad feeling that day -gasp-
could it be guilt!! naw jp though.

hmm today was an ok day... mom hecka yelled at me this
morning cuz she couldnt connect her computer to the
internet and she was working on her master's presentation
she gotta make for monday. then i went to demo team
practice. woohoo im in two skits and i get to perform some
stationary sets. i get to lead on the sets and i get to
kick my coach's ass haha literally .. i kick him in the
butt while my partner sends him around and i get to
clotherline him. hmm lots of that going on in skits. it was
fun doing dummying drills all slamming into the groud. mayn
i kinda sore though from all that falling over and spazzing
out. got home after that and helped mai mom make a power
point for her presentation. i hope she does reallee good
even though she hecka procrastinated and just finished it
today. hmm then i went online and webcammed with that f00
mentioned above. i looka lika the weeoooweee girl from
kungpao today haha then i had to turn off the lights cuz
mai dad was all knocking on the door jaayymeeeh sleep
nooww!!! when i turned off the lights i looka lika alien
all scarree. shoot i was scarin maiself. hella scarier the
other night though when i was the white lady from those
filipino scarree stories. OoOOooo deng ima that scarree
lookin. mayn i better not go outside. ima sleepy now so im

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