Anand Bose

2002-08-05 06:48:56 (UTC)

Hidden Sanskrit in Harry Potter

Those who open the front page any of Harry potter books
will find the Latin phrase:
the sleeping dragon

I am wondering if Rowling wrote it as an intellectual
fashion or as the assumed intention to be magic working!
The phenomenal success of the Potter books is magic
working, working magic.

The root of Draco in Sanskrit is “Darsyati” “meaning all
seeing or seeing clearly”

That’s the magic of being hidden in the book or the or
the hidden magic of an otherwise ordinary book.
When the potter books are read to the state of a society
ignorant of being stratified the response of the young
minds has been definitely negative! (An Indian Experience)
The hype of the book as being thrilling is confined to
the Indian far above the class of the middle and also to
certain extent the city kids who have otherwise the dull
concrete of expereince!

! I do not judge the moral content of a spade to be a
spade. But I am interested about the author's intention as
a motive to be more than a book and more than Magic!

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