My Life... My Rules
2001-07-09 02:23:30 (UTC)

Kids Camp

Well,m I leave for Kids Camp in the morning. Today was
great, but I kind of don't know what to say about it. It
was just... Cool. Paw Paw I. brought the camper out to
the campgrounds with Cecil. Amanda and I made the bed
while mom got the rest of the camper cleaned (partially).
Oh, so many people keep getting on-line on my buddy list.
It's distracting. I have 109 people on my buddy list, but
only 5 people are on. Anyways... after Amanda and I made
the bed, we went down to the dining hall to get some ice
for my mom. On our way back, Zack was coming out the left
side of the tabernacle. I had the ice in my hands. He got
to about 5 feet away and then was like, "Don't throw that
ice on me." Up til then, I hadn't even thought about it.
Well, we chased himand he finally got the ice from me.