Living Is a Hard Thing To Do
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2002-08-05 06:25:22 (UTC)

Sleepless Nights

Wow..I dont even know where to begin. I've made so many
mistakes. Yet some things i should regret..I dont..My mom
finds out tomorrow what's going on and seeing if anything
is in her bones. I dont know. I mean, I like this guy
matt..but I know how he is. and I dont want to get hurt
again. I mean, after Adam.. i dont trust guys. And I mean,
i'm just having fun making out with matt instead of going
out with him. I dont know what i'd do if I didn't have
erica to talk to, though. I mean, we freak out and get
pissed at each other, but man, she's my best friend. I've
had 3 best friends in my life and I dont know. Erica's
just...different. She cries when she sees me cry. And I
know that it bothers her to see me so upset when I cry over
stupid shit like Adam and stuff. But Adam meant the world
to me. And now when I read about how he's the happiest he's
ever been, I know that he loves her and I know that he's
happy and that i should be happy fer him..But i'm not..How
can I be happy when he hurt me and made me so unhappy fer
so long?

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