Ghetto Beebo

Living it for da LoRd!
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2002-08-05 06:21:50 (UTC)

Muh life!

Muh life is like a KOo something...I jus KoO. I
love muh life a lot...especially cuz i live for da Lord. He
is da man!...I love dis guy so much. He always here fo
me...and i like dat a lot. wheneva i'm in need of help...he
always here...wheneva i'm in trouble...he always
here...wheneva i'm in doubt...he always here.

wow...da Lord is awsome. I gave muh self to him and i don't
regret one single moment of it. I am living for him and i
always will. And i want eveyone to know dat...dat's why
this is public viewing capable. He's great i tell you. I
don't know if u experienced this befo or not...but once u
do...u aint neva turnin back.

I cant believe i'm actually typin all this...and i cant'
believe da fact dat i don care who reads this...but dat's
cz it don't matter waht people think of matters how
i live muh life and why i do wit da rest of muh
life...whether to live it fo da LOrd or whether to put it
into waste.

This was jus an intro to muh a long journey and
it would probably be about 150 pages befo i'm done talkin
about muh life and how da lord has kept his promise to me
and have given me a life dat i'm not worthy of.

well...i'll be comin bak soon...i'm beginning to like
this...btw...i was referred to this diary thing by a very
special someone...and i thank god for every moment i have
spent wit this someone...i would rather not say da name cuz
about 4 billion people might be readin hey...if
ur da special someone dat i'm talkin about...jus wanna say
thanx for making muh life what it is!