Mind of a Wierdo
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2001-07-09 01:30:15 (UTC)

Well ... You know

Yea I was sittin here and umm listening to this song ...
Yea it is called "Du Hast". Yea it made me think. Well ....
you know sometimes that is a bad thing. But in this case I
dont kno my thoughts. You kno so far all my entries have
been about my day and how it went. I have yet to put my
feelings of anything in it. But those feelings that I have
gotten when I was listening to the previous song have
passed on. Now I am listening to a sad song. When you
listen to it has its beat and everything but the words (if
you understand them and kno what they are for) hit you in a
different way. This one has to do with the passing of a
friend. Even at a young age they never really got on with
their life. They never really lived. Though that has never
happened to me where I have lost a friend to death but I do
feel for those who have. I cant compare to their sorrow but
I have a good sense of how they feel. Well now that has
passed. (My sister keeps changing the songs on me and it
just mixes up my feelings.) Well now that all that is out
of my system should I just go back to what happened today.
I went for a drive. WOOHOO! I have no life so I look
forward to just drives even if it is up and down the block.
I kno I am lame leave me alone. Well ... you kno ... when
you really want to get out you would just about do
anything. UMM yea. Okay. I wonder what everyone is doing.
TIMMY is probably still on his way to Virginia. Chris is
probably out with Alex still. Daria is probably home ...
(maybe I will give her a call when my sister gets off the
phone). Banana is in Washington at the moment. Well there
are a lot of people for me to talk to but I dont kno ... I
think I am sick or something. None of them are on and
obviously I cant call anyone cus my sister is using the
phone and has been all day. I shouldn't say anything
though ... when I get the phone I tend to take advantage of
the time that I have using it. Hahaha .... well yea ......